McDonough Elevators buys Used Construction Hoists, Buck Hoists, and Industrial Elevators

McDonough Elevators is an industry leader in the rental and sale of industrial elevators. Along with selling, renting and servicing elevators, McDonough buys used industrial elevators and construction hoists.

Buck Hoist Rentals

McDonough offers a free, no-obligation estimate for hoists or industrial elevators. Estimates are customized for every inquiry and are generated based on McDonough’s decades of experience and market data. Additionally, McDonough can offer a turnkey service to dismantle, load and ship the equipment.


If you are looking to replace an existing hoist or elevator, McDonough offers flexible financing arrangements taking into account the value of your existing equipment.


“McDonough sees the current economic climate as an opportunity for expansion,” says Joe Galatas, president, “we want to be the first company that owners think of when renting or buying new elevators or when disposing of surplus equipment.”

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Reduce overall labor costs

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