Common Tower

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Common Tower

A common tower or Common platform is a fully customizable temporary structure, that can accommodate any structure or setback. These structures are also often referred to as “run-back” or “set-back” towers. The common tower is designed and engineered to be able to support up to three dual car hoists on one single tower.



The personnel/material hoist cars tie into the common tower eliminating tie-in connections directly into the building structure. The common tower is then tied into the building. The tie-ins for the common tower are designed on a project-specific basis to minimize the impact on a curtain wall or window leave-outs. This reduces the cost and the time required to close up the structure when the common tower and hoists are taken out of service.


The normal opening required to “land” a dual car personnel and material hoist on the building structure is approximately 15 feet. By utilizing a common tower, that space can be reduced to 6 feet. This is applicable for two hoist cars and up to 6 hoist cars. This maximizes the amount of hoisting that can be used and minimizes the impact on the schedule.


The common tower can be built in “pod” sections on the ground and lifted into place with the tower crane or can be erected similar to a traditional scaffold using the piece-by-piece method as the building grows in overall height.


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