Rack and Pinion Elevators

Rack and Pinion Elevators typically fall into two categories; temporary construction hoists that are designed to ANSI A10.4 and permanent elevators that are usually installed on the exterior of a structure in an industrial facility and is generally designed to either ANSI A17.1 Part 4 Rack and Pinion Elevators or ANSI A17.1 Part 5 Special Purpose Elevators. McDonough sells both construction and permanently installed elevators.

Rack & Pinion Elevator Manufacturer

Rack and pinion construction hoists, often referred to as buck hoists, manlifts, or construction elevators, range in capacity from 900 lbs. to more than 10,000 lbs. McDonough owns and operates one of the largest construction hoist fleets in the U.S. that is primarily made up of STROS and Champion elevators. In addition to renting construction hoists, McDonough also sells new and used construction hoist equipment and offers make-ready, refurbishment, maintenance, and parts for other fleet owners’ equipment.

Permanent rack and pinion elevators can be found in most industrial facilities including power plants, refineries, chemical plants, cement plants, mines, ports, paper mills, steel mills, and more. Rack and pinion elevators are ideal in these facilities because they are designed specifically for outdoor use, don’t require a fully enclosed elevator shaft or overhead machine room, and offer lower installation and maintenance costs. McDonough offers new and refurbished rack and pinion elevators for permanent installation, as well as preventative maintenance, parts, modernizations, electrical upgrades, and consultations.

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRCs) are material handling lifts manufactured to comply to the ASME B20.1 code. VRCs are designed to be loaded with a hand cart or forklift and move materials such as boxes, pallets, crates, automobiles and more between two or more levels. VRCs do not carry people. McDonough sells new vertical reciprocating conveyors manufactured in the USA. We also offer consultations, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting services, and more.


Available Rack and Pinion Elevator Features:

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