Drop Test Services

Elevator Drop Test Services

At McDonough we provide drop test services for temporary and permanent rack and pinion elevators. Drop tests must be performed in accordance with all applicable codes and manufacturer guidelines in order to ensure your elevator is safe. The test consists of loading the elevator to its rated capacity with test weights and performing a free fall test. The test is designed to ensure the elevator safety device is in proper working condition.

Construction hoists are tested with a rated load every three months as mandated by ANSI A10.4 safety requirements for personnel hoists and employee elevators. For permanent rack and pinion elevators, a full load drop test should be performed annually and a no load drop test performed on an alternate annual schedule. A drop test must be also be performed when a new safety device is installed before returning the elevator to normal operation. 



We can include drop test services with all of our hoist rentals and all of our permanent elevator service agreements.