Modernization and Refurbishments

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Cost-Effective Alternative

A refurbished rack and pinion elevator is a cost-effective alternative to buying new equipment. McDonough can refurbish any rack and pinion elevator, whether operated as a permanently installed elevator or temporary construction elevator, often saving customers up to 30% on the cost of new equipment. Additionally, lead time for a refurbished rack and pinion elevator are typically far less than those for a new elevator system.

Advantages of Modernizations and Refurbishments

Exchange Program

McDonough understands that most elevators are critical to day-to-day operations, and that removing the elevator from service for refurbishment is not feasible. In many of these cases, McDonough can offer an exchange car or a temporary elevator car, often limiting the overall downtime to as little as 3 days.


Whether you choose to refurbish your existing elevator car or take advantage of our exchange program, McDonough will ensure your equipment is safe, reliable, and ready to handle the most critical phases of your operations.

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