A common question while meeting with clients is, “Does the manufacturer or their representatives have to install the elevators or can it be installed by others?” This is a good question as there are many factors which should be considered and the owner ultimately know and understand before making their decision.  Let us start by saying an elevator is very difficult to install properly.  If done improperly, unsafe conditions may occur as well as the life expectancy of the elevator can be greatly reduced.


In an effort to save money, clients may explore this avenue only to find out it costs them more money in the long run.  Elevator manufacturers and their representatives are trained to install elevators correctly per the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines.  The result is an elevator installed efficiently to high quality standards.


We suggest that a good place to start is to get competitive quotes for equipment and installation.  Compare the installation cost and time to install.  If comparing against in-house labor, double the in-house labor hours to come up with an evaluation on overall cost.

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