Many times we have been requested to provide the Country of Origin for our elevators. As the term was originally conceived, Country of Origin was supposed to be a single location which encapsulated the brand’s origin, the place of design, and the place of production. Globalization has challenged this concept, resulting in a growing differentiation between the Country of Origin of the brand, the place of design, and the place of production, which potentially creates more confusion.


When a product is wholly obtained and produced in a single country, it is relatively easy to determine its origin. Difficulties arise in determining origin for goods manufactured in, assembled in, or using materials originating in, more than one country.  McDonough Elevators is a proud partner of the Czech Republic rack and pinion elevator manufacturer, STROS. All of the components used in manufacturing a STROS elevator originate from European countries or the United States only. We find the easiest way to describe the origin of the equipment we sell is to list the components and countries from which they originate. For example, Brakes – France; Electrical Components – Germany; Steel – Italy. All STROS elevators are assembled in the Czech Republic. By providing this information, we feel we are completely transparent concerning the Country of Origin and the quality of the equipment we sell.


We believe full transparency is best because we consider safety as one of the primary factors associated with sourcing elevators. A key aspect of the safety of an elevator lies in the material used to create the components. For example, many of our customers will not accept steel sourced from certain countries. This is because some countries are known for producing inferior products, as diverse as steel, hot-rolled coil (used for grating), sulfurous drywall, and more. Stros and McDonough Elevators take these safety concerns seriously and prove it by providing our sourcing policies.


Therefore, if you would like to know more about our elevators and components, please let us know. We are happy to share our Country of Origin.

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