Maintenance can be the largest controllable operating cost for our customers.  It is a critical business function that impacts not only plant operations, but also safety and environmental performance.  For McDonough Elevators, we believe proper maintenance of an elevator is important for worker productivity, safety and longevity of the equipment.  When properly maintained an elevator can have a lifecycle of up to 30 years.

Run to Failure Maintenance vs Preventative Maintenance

Our customers generally take one of two approaches.  The first approach is letting elevator maintenance be reactive, or “run to failure”.  RTF is when an organization chooses to wait until an elevator breaks down before servicing it. At the time of failure, the elevator is repaired and put back in service only to wait until the next failure. This method can be extremely expensive and greatly reduces the reliability and life expectancy of the equipment. On the other hand, many customers use a predictive and preventative approach, where maintenance on the elevator is preplanned and performed at regular intervals (typically monthly or quarterly).

Dangers of Reactive (Breakdown) Maintenance

We view regularly scheduled maintenance as the key to getting the most years out of your elevator.  It is more effective if an elevator is properly maintained from the beginning of its lifecycle.  We have been called in to help customers where an elevator has been neglected for many years.  For these elevators it is more costly and challenging to bring them back to a level of reliability due to years of abuse.  In some cases, they are beyond an easy repair.  They require a major upgrade or need to be completely replaced.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

McDonough Elevators offers preventative maintenance programs based around the simple concept of keeping your elevator both safe and reliable to operate. The company’s programs provide data to help anticipate component failure and aid in planning the needed repair.  Parts and repairs can be budgeted and become more cost-effective.

Planned Elevator Maintenance

McDonough provides preventative maintenance plans for all brands of rack and pinion elevators. The company is committed to ensuring the elevators under its maintenance plans are well maintained to prevent downtimes. The process is designed to be transparent, allowing McDonough’s customers to know the current and historical condition of their elevators at all times. Together, we can create the optimal plan for maintaining your elevators.


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