Without a doubt, everyone has heard of the Polar Vortex. The Polar Vortex is not new but it has gained attention because of its great name and the idea that colder weather is moving further south. This is important for rack and pinion elevators because weather can have many adverse effects on safe operation.  Be sure to prepare your rack and pinion elevator for the winter season.

Ensuring your pit sump is in good working order will prevent the possibilities of ice and snow build up in the pit.  Frozen trolleys and car frames can result from the accumulation of water.

The elevator should never be operated with a buildup of ice and snow on the tower.   This buildup can cause trolleys to freeze resulting in costly damage to the traveling cable.  Falling ice is another concern with great safety risks.

Call McDonough Elevators and we can advise you on how to winterize your equipment properly for your weather conditions. We have a 51 point checklist that includes adjusting the temperature on the machine heater for the season.

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