Hoist Operators…should I hire one from McDonough or provide my own?

We are often asked if any job site laborer can be trained to operate the hoist and assume all the responsibilities related to the hoist operation.  The short answer is yes, but the more intriguing answer may very well be no and here is why.  Yes, we provide on-site operator training and we routinely train people of varying skill levels to operate our hoists.  This can be done with relative success depending upon the operator’s abilities and job site conditions.  Simply training someone to handle the physical and mental rigors of operating the hoist is only the beginning.  The question you should be asking yourself is what are the responsibilities you take on when you are the one employing the operator.

As a part of McDonough’s training, the operators are schooled on the importance of following a daily checklist of activities which include a myriad of functions related to the safe operation of the hoist.  Some of the items included on the checklist require the operator to check all the safety limit switches, proper car door operation, door locking mechanisms, level landing accuracy, evaluating the ride quality, carry capacity overloading conditions, unsafe loading conditions, proper landing door operation, and many other.   Although McDonough offers refresher training visits for the operators, it is still solely the operator’s responsibility and their employer’s responsibility to ensure safe operation of the hoist and adherence to proper daily maintenance records requirements as outlined in the National Hoist Code ANSI A10.4.  Failure to follow the daily checklist routines and maintain accurate job site records indicating the daily maintenance is being done can and often results in heavy penalties for the hoist operator employer (that’s you the contractor!!)

When you hire McDonough to provide the operator, you need not worry about who is responsible for keeping proper daily maintenance records and if the hoist is operating safely and efficiently.  McDonough’s operators are covered under our insurance policy and NOT yours.  This eliminates the risk and liability which could otherwise place your company’s insurance and reputation at risk.  In some documented cases, lack of operator supervision and negligent acts on behalf of the operator has caused serious injury and even death.  When this is brought to light, the responsible parties are made to bear the responsibility of their willful actions.  Why take that risk when someone else, who is a qualified expert, is willing to do so?  Eliminate the headaches and potential litigation by hiring McDonough to operator your job site personnel and material hoist.

If you would like to learn more about hoist operators for your job site, please give us a call.

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