Preventative maintenance programs key to elevator reliability

Reliability means everything. A key part of reliability is maintenance. Reliability of an industrial elevator is an important factor in determining the overall success and profitability of a facility. Every day hundreds of thousands of personnel and tons of material are transported through elevators across the world. To have an elevator performing optimally is the heart of a facility’s reliability, and the key determining factor in long-term elevator reliability is preventative maintenance.


There is no good time for an elevator to break down. Reducing equipment downtime and associated costs is the strongest advantage for conducting planned preventative maintenance versus a run to failure (RTF) strategy. RTF is when an organization chooses to wait until an elevator breaks down before servicing it. At the time of failure, the elevator is repaired and put back in service only to wait until the next failure. This system can be extremely expensive and greatly reduces the life expectancy of your equipment.


Elevators are a major capital investment and a vital part of productivity and safety in an industrial facility. History has shown that without preventative maintenance breakdowns occur during the most inconvenient time. Often they occur at the most critical time of a project. The end result is lost revenue and loss of confidence through the halt in production or project delays. Breakdowns at critical times also have a cascading effect on the cost of repair through unplanned labor expenses, quick replacement part deliveries and parts availability.


McDonough Elevators offers many preventative maintenance programs based around the simple concept of keeping your elevator both safe and reliable to operate. Its programs allow McDonough to schedule the best time to perform maintenance based upon the customer’s needs. The company’s programs also allow it to predict many aspects of component failure and plan the needed repair. Through this planning, repairs can be budgeted and become cost effective.


McDonough provides preventative maintenance plans for all brands of rack and pinion elevators. The company is committed to ensuring the elevators under its maintenance plans are maintained to prevent downtimes. The company offers innovative and expert maintenance with more than 3 0 years of experience in the industry. Its knowledgeable and professionally trained technicians follow a 50-plus point preventative maintenance checklist on every elevator. Training, experience and documentation ensure a high quality standard of service. The process is designed to be transparent, allowing McDonough’s customers to know the current and historical condition of their elevators at all times.


“Preventative maintenance is the key to long-term reliability of equipment,” said Kevin Harrison, manager of operations for McDonough Elevators and a rack and pinion expert. “It ensures the machines are safe to operate as well as predictive in nature. Problems are identified and addressed prior to breakdowns at inopportune times.”

Elevator equipment needs to be reliable and perform consistently as it is intended. McDonough Elevators can help you devise the optimum plan for your facility.

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