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Houston, TX – February 20, 2014

McDonough Elevators the U.S. Source for Stros® Elevators

HOUSTON, TX – McDonough Elevator Sales & Rentals announced today that it will be the source for STROS® rack and pinion industrial elevators in the U.S.  McDonough Elevators will offer the NOV and HS series of rack and pinion elevators and construction hoists.    

The HS series of industrial elevators is customizable up to 10,000 pounds capacity and is available for sale in all states. The NOV series of personnel/material hoists is available in single or dual configurations with a 7,200 pound load capacity and is available from McDonough in all states except New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.


STROS® was established in 1960 in the Czech Republic, European Union. It is a company with more than 50 years of tradition and experience serving the rack and pinion industry world-wide. STROS manufactures permanent ASME A17.1 compliant industrial elevators and ANSI A10.4 construction hoists, with capacities ranging from 650 lb to 10,000 lb and speeds up to 330 ft/min.  The high-quality products are ISO 9001 certified and designed by a team of experienced engineers to be durable and robust in harsh environments. 


About the Company:  McDonough Elevators specializes in industrial and construction rack-and pinion elevator and personnel and material hoists sales, along with a full-range of hoist operator, maintenance and repair services.  The company is a leading nationwide supplier of personnel and material rental elevators to the industrial and construction marketplaces.   McDonough’s headquarters is located in Houston, Texas with full-service locations in Atlanta, Baltimore, Kansas City and Los Angeles. 


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