We really admire our crews and others who day after day climb and work far above our heads either installing, dismantling or maintaining rack and pinion elevators. Our elevators are workhorses, employed at an incredible variety of construction, mining, and industrial sites across the country. They safely ferry thousands of pounds of materials and people every day. McDonough’s inspection, maintenance, and testing services keep these elevators and hoists dependably serving; but everything begins and ends with our crews working safely high above the ground.

McDonough crews entrust their safety to the right training, equipment, and safe work procedures that we have developed and refined over many decades. They also trust one another and their leaders to look out for hazards and control risks. Every crew member is outfitted with the finest fall protection equipment money can buy; every approved anchor point to safely tie-off is known; every time to do so is documented. We know how to work safely with others and never compromise on safety. There is a shared confidence in knowing that work can be stopped if there is a doubt about safety.

Because of what we do, we value the safety of our workers and passengers above everything else.

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